About Us

Hi! This is Maisie and I am the creator of Furriends Alley bandanas! All my custom bandanas are handmade by me and inspired by my love for dogs and Harry Potter. I wanted to combine my two passions together to make products of which I am proud of and also something that will bring you joy. Very much like Mr. Ollivander’s wands, the bandanas in each style will look similar but no two bandanas will be exactly the same. Their uniqueness comes from being made by a single muggle, and not wizards in factories!  

My Commitments and Values:

  • When I first started making bandanas, I realized there can be lots of wasted fabric. I strive to be environmentally friendly by making use of as much fabric as I can, and use the least amount of packaging as possible. In addition, the packaging used for shipping is recyclable so please put it in your blue bin!
  • As a small business, I know the joys of making a sale or gaining a new client are unmatched by those in large corporations. This is why supporting local and small businesses is important to me, so I will commit to purchasing all my fabrics and materials in my home city, Calgary, AB, Canada whenever possible!
  • I am so lucky to have people in my life that have helped me get to where I am today. My pup, Tuxx, was rescued by Pause4Change. They gave him (and many other pups) an opportunity for a wonderful life, which he likely would not have had otherwise. Furriends Alley will pay it forward by donating portions of my profits to Pause4Change!

Additionally, I am the owner and sole walker for Furriends Dog Walking in Calgary, AB! For more information, visit my website!